Understanding how to pronounce the short I sound, such as in pill and film, is important for first graders encountering words they don't know. This guided lesson teaches kids all about the Short I sound, and provides lots of examples of short I words. Targeted practice like this helps to reinforce kids' understanding of short vowel sounds and boosts phonemic awareness, upon which lifelong reading skills are based.
This lesson includes 5 printable learning activities.
Short I Magic Wand Tutu will increase your students’ repertoire of short I words with just the wave of her wand. In this cute clip, Tutu shows students how common the short I sound is. Students may also pick up on just how easy it is to completely change the meaning of a word with the simple action of swapping out a single letter.
Short I Photoshoot 2 In this interesting game, students get a peak into the many different words that contain a short I sound. First graders will find working with Officer Ice Cream, using a camera to snap photos of every word in the scene that contains the short I sound, much more entertaining than the traditional circling of words in list format.
Short I Cat Food

It's lunchtime, and Roly is hungry for words! To feed him, kids must correctly spell short I words, split into onsets and rimes. Kids pick the beginning letter to add to short I word endings. Your children will have so much fun feeding Roly and quieting his grumbling tummy, they won't realize they're learning critical reading skills, such as blending, segmenting and spelling.

Short I Cloud Catcher 2 Want an almost magical learning activity that boosts your first grade students’ reading skills through a deeper understanding of the short I sound? Tutu is here to save the day. For every word your students choose correctly, she will happily wave her magic wand, rewarding your active learners with a rain cloud turned into a rainbow.
Big Kid Tim is not a big kid—will he hit the ball? Kids get a big dose of short vowel practice in this online emergent reader. Perfect for early learners who are studying the short i sound, this adorable baseball story will resonate with anyone who has overcome fear on the baseball diamond.
Big Kid: Reading Comprehension If your first graders love reading but need a little shoring up both of their overall comprehension and the short I sound in particular, this reading review activity is perfect. Roly the Cat is along to encourage students as they identify the short sentence that describes the image displayed on the screen.

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