July 22, 2015
by Caitlin Fahey
Lesson Plan:

Paul Revere's Ride

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Students will learn about Paul Revere's midnight ride.

(7 minutes)
  • Ask students what they already know about Paul Revere's ride.
  • Review Paul Revere's midnight ride using facts the class brought up as well as other facts you find important.
(25 minutes)
  • Read the poem Paul Revere's Ride on the document camera.
  • Write in the margins as you read through the poem, marking important phrases or unusual words.
  • Define new vocabulary words and summarize phrases in the margins.
  • Instruct students to copy your notes and to mark up their own page.
(15 minutes)
  • Hand out the graphic novel.
  • Display the graphic novel on the document camera.
  • Fill in as much of the graphic novel as you feel is necessary for your class to understand how to do it.
  • Demonstrate how to use the poem to help fill in the blanks.
(30 minutes)
  • Allow students to work independently or with partners on the graphic novel.
  • Hand out any additional information about the midnight ride you may have.
  • Enrichment: Have students write their own midnight ride poem.
  • Support: Fill in some of the speech bubbles to help guide students.
(10 minutes)
  • Work with students and support struggling students.
  • Collect graphic organizers to check for correctness.
(3 minutes)
  • Share example results on the document camera.

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