Science project

Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow?


  • Aspirin tablets
  • A drinking glass
  • Hot water
  • Room temperature water
  • Seeds
  • Two plant pots
  • Soil with fertilizer
  • Sunlight
  • Ruler
  • Pen and paper for notes


  1. Label one pot “Aspirin Water” and the other “Plain Water.”
  2. Put some soil into the pot and plant the seeds inside. Cover them up.
  3. Take them to a location that gets plenty of sunlight- perhaps outside if it is warm or by a window?
  4. Put two tablets of aspirin in a drinking glass.
  5. Add hot water to the tablets; they should melt and dissolve. If not, then add boiling water. Stir until completely dissolved.
  6. Allow the water to cool to room-temperature.
  7. Once the water has cooled, water the seeds in the pot labeled “Aspirin Water.” Do not over-water the seeds. Just add enough water until the soil is moist. Do not get the soil soaking wet.
  8. Water the seeds in the pot labeled “Plain Water” with plain water. Again, just get the soil moist.
  9. You should water the seeds everyday or when the soil feels dry with the designated types of water.
  10. Observe the growth of the plants daily. How long did the seeds take to germinate in each pot? If you observe measureable growth, take your ruler and measure the height of the plant.
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