Does Opening A Fruit Up Cause it to Rot Faster?

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Updated on Aug 06, 2013

When a fruit “rots” it decomposes into simpler forms of matter. Decomposition is a form of natural recycling and is necessary to maintain the finite matter that takes up physical space in the biome.


Does opening a fruit upcause it to rot faster?


  • Two apples
  • Two oranges
  • Two peaches
  • Two strawberries
  • Knife
  • Plastic baggies
  • Pen and paper for notes


Note: This experiment is best done in the winter, so that no bugs get to the fruit.

  1. Cut one of each kind of fruit in half. Put it in a plastic baggie.
  2. Put each of the other whole fruits in a separate plastic baggie.
  3. Observe the decomposition progress daily and see which fruit rots first.
  4. Record your observations in the chart.
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