Saving Hot Water

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Updated on Oct 29, 2008

Grade Levels:

Does it save more water to take a shower or a bath?

Possible Hypotheses:
It takes more/less water to take a shower than a bath.

A bathtub with a shower
Bath crayons - 2 colors (If a bath crayon is not available, tape may be used.)


  1. Have each member of your family plug the drain when taking a shower for one week.
  2. Measure the amount of water used by marking the water level on the side of the tub with the crayon. Use one color for marking shower levels.
  3. The next week, have each person take a bath instead of a shower. Make sure the amount of water used in the same way. This time use the other bath crayon.

Analysis and Conclusions:
Compare the amount of water used for baths and showers for each member of your family. Which saved water and energy in your house?

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