Science project

Which Gum has the Longest Lasting Flavor?


  • 3 different packs of fruit-flavored gum
  • 3 different packs of mint-flavored gum
  • 6 volunteers
  • Timer
  • Notebook


  1. Separate the volunteers into two groups of 3 people.
  2. Instruct the first 3 people to chew mint flavored gum.
  3. Instruct the last 3 people to chew fruit flavored gum.
  4. Think about the gum you’ve chewed before. Which type of gum do you think lasts the longest? Write down your guess, also called a hypothesis, in your notebook.
  5. Time how long each volunteer chews the gum until it loses its flavor.
  6. Record all the times until every volunteer has finished their gum.
  7. Look over your data. Were the results what you expected?


Mint-flavored gum usually lasts longer then fruit-flavored gum.


Gum is flavored artificially by chemicals added to gum resin. Tests have shown that the chemicals in mint, compared to the chemicals in fruit, leave a longer lasting effect on not only your taste buds but on your whole mouth itself. It leaves a tingling sensation and is composed of stronger ingredients than fruity artificial flavoring. What if we tested a different element? Like which gum makes the biggest bubbles? There are many different ways to test gum -- what way will you try?

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