3-D Art for Kids: 8 Awesome Projects

Let your fourth grader show all the "dimensions" of his artistic self with these 3-D projects.

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Easter Island Pencil Holder

This easy paper craft looks like the ancient Moai sculptures of Easter Island.
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String Doll

Create a yarn doll out of a few toothpicks and colorful string with this Guatemalan craft.
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Paper Mache Gargoyle

Make this paper mache gargoyle for a lesson in Medieval architecture and sculpture.
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Ice Balloons

Capture a bit of magic with these mesmerizing ice balloons!
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Make a Mini Waterfall

Have your child build his own mini waterfall, and help him develop his planning, problem solving, and architectural skills.
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Acoma Pottery Craft

Create a beautiful piece of pottery by hand using a few simple ingredients, and learn about the Native American Acoma tribe while doing it!
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Make Corn Husk Flowers

There's more to corn than the sweet yellow kernels. This easy craft project shows you and your kid how to make pretty corn husk flowers using just a few tools.
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Cork Animals!

This activity will make you want to celebrate more often, and save them up for a collection of cork animals.
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