Rub-a-dub-dub, 8 Activities for the Tub!

Bath-time doesn't have to be a chore! Have some fun in the tub with these bath-friendly crafts and science experiments.

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Design a Floating Cork Boat

Here's a great activity that uses corks and toothpicks to create a fleet of floating boats. Which design makes for the most seaworthy vessel?
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Make Quick and Easy Bath Salts

Use the activity below to help your child create bath salts as she observes how a solid changes when placed into a liquid.
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Make Bathtub Paint

Great for bath time, or anytime your child is feeling creative, these bright bathtub paints are a fun and low-mess way to spice up art time.
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Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps

Help your child experiment with the combination of acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath bombs!
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Homemade Submarine

Has your child ever asked you how a submarine works? Here's a simple bathtub project that will make for a hands-on answer.
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Pop Bottle Science

Teach your kids about entropy with this fun, easy exercise, and teach your money to dance while you're at it!
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Experiment with Pumps

Teach your child about using pumps to move water in this simple and educational preschool science activity!
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