Crazy Eight: Paper Crafts for a Wacky Good Time

Let your child's imagination go crazy, wild, nuts, off the wall, bonkers and unhinged as he tackles these fun paper art projects.

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Make Marbleized Paper!

Learn how to make marbleized paper with simple everyday ingredients in this fun activity! Your child will learn about oil and water while doing this project.
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Space Saver: Create a Notebook Holder

Here's an activity that has your teenager or child upcycling empty cereal boxes to create a handy, one-of-a-kind notebook holder to keep her space organized.
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Build a Balloon...Out of Paper!

Teach your fifth grader the ancient Japanese art of origami with this incredible origami balloon that uses just one piece of paper!
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Grille Cipher

Keep your clever kid occupied with this tricky grille cipher.
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Make a Folded Paper Illuminaria!

This simple illuminaria can be made for any season or holiday. It's so fun that parents and kids alike will enjoy making a new one for each special holiday!
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House-Shaped Gift Box

Is your child missing a friend or family member that's away at college, far from home, or in the hospital? This cute gift box says "Wish you were here!"
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3D Flower Card

The special people in your life deserve a special card! Have your kid make a 3-D flower card that will let a loved ones know how much he appreciates them.
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Origami Heart

Is your child an amateur origami master? Help her reach the next stage of paper folding genius with this origami heart!
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