Fabric Frenzy! 7 Fabric Crafts for Fifth Grade

Got a bunch of fabric lying around the house? When your kid is done with these activities, you won't have it anymore.

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Felt Basket

Give your daughter a neat project to hold the earrings or other small items that are taking over her dresser top.
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Tie-Dye with All-Natural Dyes

Got a kid who loves fashion? Help her develop her own unique style with this tie-dye project using natural dyes.
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Fabric Journal

Your child's journal should be as unique as she is. Help her transform a simple notebook into a personalized piece of art.
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Pet Presents: Quilt a Snuggly Pet Blanket

This pet blanket is a perfect sewing project for your little gifter with a furry friend. Make a pet blanket with your child this holiday season.
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3-D Art Project

In this arts and crafts activity, you and your child will create colorful three-dimensional artwork using scrunched-up fabric pieces.
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Craft a ME Pennant

Your child can transform a triangle of felt into a colorful and motivating pennant sharing all her favorite characteristics and traits.
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Mug Cozy

Everyone needs to stay warm during the cold winter months, including your cup of cocoa! This mug cozy will do the trick.
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