Building Block 6: Segmenting

Learning phonics can be fun! Here's a selection of decoding games, word-building activities, and consonant blend scavenger hunts that will help your child establish a foundation in phonics, while building a positive association with reading. Learning phonics is an essential stepping stone to reading fluency.

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Play Flip Over Vowels

Here's a fun activity to reinforce simple short and long vowel words for your first grader.
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Phonics Treasure Hunt

Here's a challenging treasure hunt for kindergarteners learning about letter sounds. String letters together to make words and find the path to the treasure.
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Crazy Eights With Word Families!

Help your kindergartener make and play a "Hop On Pop"-inspired card game--a fun way to learn word families!
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Paper Plate Phonics

Help your child get the hang of reading with this fun activity. Here's how to make a spinning phonics wheel out of two paper plates.
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Grocery Store Decoding

Try this brand name phonics activity to help your child build up his language arts skills.
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Consonant Blend Scavenger Hunt

Combine kids' love of scavenger hunts with consonant blends to create a fun game that's perfect for everything from birthday parties to rainy days at home.
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Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game

This version of the carnival game where you try to toss chips into a cup, to win a fabulous prize, gives kids a boost in early writing and reading.
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Jumping Bean Phonics

This cute game that lets your child practice making words, while acting like a Mexican jumping bean! Great for emerging readers.
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Digraph Bingo

Help your first grade reader become an expert in "sh," "ch," and "th" words with this fun, homemade game.
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Games for Early Readers

Help your early reader get ahead by practicing the skills teachers say are most important with our brand new educational games program. Try Brainzy risk free! Learn more here.

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