Paper Plate Phonics

What You Need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Brass fastener

What You Do:

  1. Stack the paper plates on top of one another, and poke a small hole straight through the center of both plates. Separate the plates.
  2. Use scissors to cut a 2” square in the top plate. The square should be about an inch to the right of the center hole.
  3. Use the marker to write a rime (or ending letter pattern) on the right side of the window, such as “at.” (See the list below for some common first grade rimes.) Be sure to write the rime about the same height as the cut-out window, and use lower-case letters.
  4. Attach the two plates with a brass fastener at the center. The plate with the rime and window should be on top.
  5. Use the marker to write a letter (or a cluster of onsets) on the portion of the bottom plate that appears in the cut-out window, such as “c”.
  6. Turn the bottom plate clockwise until the “c” disappears, then write a different letter in the window. Continue in this manner, writing a letter, then turning the plate, until you come back to the letter “c.”
  7. Now it's time to play! Hand your child the plates, and have him turn the wheel until a letter appears in the window. Help him blend the beginnings and endings to make new words!

Some common first grade rimes include:

-ab, -ag, -ack, -at, -ap, -an, -am, -ad, -ake, ate; -ed, -en, -ell, -eck, -eel, -est,; -id, -ill, -ig, -ick, -ip, -ide, -ike; -op, -ot, -ock, -og, -oat; -ug, -uck, -ut.

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