Get Down With Decimals

These activities will help your fourth grader to learn place value concepts and deal with decimals.

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Make a Buck

Get ready to make a dollar...using playing cards! The first player to accumulate the amount of points equal to a dollar wins.
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Master Math with a Rounding Race

This is a simple, fast game that you and your child can make together to help him master rounding with decimals.
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Name that Comma! Breaking Up Big Numbers

To help your child shake the big number blues, here's a handy strategy to make your child a place value pro!
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Decimals Game

This decimal game is a great way to help your kid get familiar with how decimal values work.
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Trading Places

Introduce decimals and place value with this fun math card game for fourth grade students.
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Play Pantry Math

Whatever is stacked in your cupboard can be used to help your child learn how to compare fractions and decimals. A great hands-on math lesson!
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Play Cards for Place Value

Is your child struggling to remember the rules of place value? Here's a fun series of hands-on activities to help your child put the value in place value!
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Teach Decimals on a Budget

Try this entertaining and educational math activity that will teach your child how to add and subtract decimals.
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