The high-flying escapades of heroes old and young, big and small, from far and wide are the perfect launching pad for a week of reading and learning packed with adventure! Make your won lightning, battle a dragon, test your super hero strength and so much more with this week of activities that will bring out the hero in every child.

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Chainmail Art

Make a knight using metal washers, screws, bolts and aluminum foil, creating the most resistant armor anyone has ever seen.
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Make Lightning!

Help your kid feel like a superhero with this safe and fun science experiment that creates an electrical charge that's like a mini lightning bolt!
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Super Hero Strength: A Science Trick

This trick uses vertical and horizontal forces to help your child to push apart your hands apart, no matter how hard you try to keep them together!
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Spelling Powers with Princess Presto!

Letter awareness is an important early literacy super power. This activity from Super Why!'s Princess Presto helps your child build those important skills.
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Super Hero Supporting Details

Super powers and saving the world will make any child want to write! Your third grader will learn about adding supporting details to his main idea.
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Hero Adjectives: Draw Your Own

This adjective exercise will prepare kids for writing and reading nonfiction stories about real-life heroes.
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SUPER WHY! Super 'Simon Says'

Super you! Play this "simon says" style game where each player has the chance to be the super leader while boosting their vocab skills at the same time.
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Color the Super Hero Battle

If you're looking for a back seat activity to keep your little hero busy on long car or plane rides, this coloring page is sure to fit the bill.
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Creative Writing Starter: Amazing Girl

Practice writing about Amazing Girl by using your imagination to answer the questions asking for a description of this unique super hero!
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Create Your Own Super Hero

Take your stand among the comic book greats, and create your own superhero legend!
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Cut and Fold Cube Knight

Have a miniature knight under your command with this cube craft activity! With the help of a parent, cut each part of the knight, fold it, and glue the tabs.
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Knights and Dragons Writing Prompt

Does your 3rd grader have a case of writer's block? Hand him this creative writing worksheet featuring a knight and a dragon doing battle.
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Create Your Own Cartoon Adventure

The PBS KIDS Cartoon Studio is a great place for any child to strengthen their narrative skills, and make their very own adventure while they're at it. Click here to get started!

Summer Reading Essentials

Looking for more summer reading ideas? We've picked the best of the best of our most popular workbooks for every grade to help you make the most of your kid's summer. Avoid the summer slide and spark your child's imagination with our picks. Check them out here!

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Your kid can be a reading super hero with PBS KIDS’ Super Why! Find out more!

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