How-To's for Third Graders

Develop map skills and other handy knowledge the old school way!

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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

What could be more fun than doing sidewalk art? How about making your own colored sidewalk chalk!
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Morse Code Messaging

Teach your child Morse code, and a little bit of history that she'll pick up in a flash!
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Make an Oil Lantern

Celebrate Hanukkah the old-fashioned way with an oil lantern. This craft is a perfect opportunity to teach your child the history of this special holiday.
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Make Your Own Flag!

Here's a fun activity that will allow your child to express himself by making a flag of his own design, then writing an accompanying story.
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Tin Can Lanterns

Help your child comprehend the past by using hands-on activities like this homemade lantern project.
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Travel the Time Zones

Help your third grader learn time zones with this fun map activity!
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Travel the World with a Postcard Collection Map

Help your child learn about the world through this 3rd-4th grade geography activity: start a postcard collection and mark where they came from on a world map.
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Using a Compass

Here is a hands-on activity to help third graders understand the four points of a compass...and how we use them to get around.
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