In the Air

Air—it's all around us, but somehow manages to escape our sensory detection. Help make this elusive element a little more concrete for your curious kid with these activities that are all about air.

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Make a Hovercraft!

Here's a fun activity that will introduce your fourth grader to the concept of frictionless motion by constructing a hovercraft.
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An Air Science Experiment

Wondering how we know that air is there? Here's a quick and easy experiment that proves that air may be thin, but it's not too wimpy to block your shot!
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Make a Paper Helicopter

Make your own helicopter using a paper clip and a sheet of paper. Hold the spinner up in the air, let it go, and watch it spin gracefully to the ground.
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Balloon Air Pressure Magic

Get your sense of humor ready for this fun science experiment that demonstrates the fundamental physics of air pressure.
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Can Crusher Experiment

Experiment with the wonders of pressure and condensation by crushing a soda can with nothing but air and water!
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Air Pressure Experiment

Here's a science activity that lets a first grader use an empty dish detergent bottle to create his own fountain as he explores air pressure.
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Helicopter Seeds

Take to the air with science by experimenting with helicopter seeds right in your own backyard!
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The Incredible Flexible Egg Experiment

Check out this mind-blowing experiment in which a hard-boiled egg will fit through an impossibly small opening with the help of only a few matches!
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