Kwanzaa Celebration

Learn about Kwanzaa, a winter holiday celebrated by many African-Americans during which they reconnect with their African cultural heritage. These fun craft and recipe ideas are great for broadening cultural horizons and they'll help your kid gain an appreciation of the many different ways people celebrate.

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Make a Kid-Friendly Egg Carton Kinara

Even your first grader can get involved in the lighting of the Kwanzaa Kinara with this clever flameless Kinara project!
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Map Your Life Path with a Kwanzaa Sankofa

Show your high schooler how to map out his life's intentions by creating a Sankofa, a Swahili practice to remind him that his choices determine his course.
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Coconut Cream Pie

Make this delicious coconut cream pie recipe this Kwanzaa, and teach your kids the meaning of this important African-American holiday.
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Light the Kinara!

Introduce your fifth grader to the Kinara, part of the Kwanzaa tradition, by playing this fast-paced, two player game!
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Celebrate Kwanzaa: Weave a Mkeka

Celebrate Kwanzaa with your fourth grader, or introduce him to a new cultural practice, by showing him how to weave a Kwanzaa mat out of an ordinary paper bag!
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