Make Some Noise

Take a look at these activities that celebrate sound. Your kid will love these sonorous ideas, and the homemade instruments are sure to be a hit.

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Play Whistle Hide-and-Seek

Encourage a group of third graders to play this fun game of Whistle Hide-and-Seek as a warm-up to get them prepared for finding a "lost" camper.
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How to Make a Kazoo

Ever wonder how those kooky kazoos work? Get to know the science behind this silly instrument by making your very own kazoo!
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Sound and Vibration

Let your young scientist explore a brave new world of sound with an experiment that just requires a handful of common household items.
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See the Science of Sound

What causes sound? Here's a simple science experiment that adds a visual element to the science of sound to help kids better understand this tricky concept.
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Design a Great Glass Xylophone!

Your third grader will delight in learning about sound waves as he observes the different sounds created by tapping on glasses with varying amounts of water.
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Make a Shoe Box Guitar

All you need to put together this guitar is an old shoebox. Soon your kid will be rocking out while saving room in the landfill.
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Design Your Own Drums!

Your first grader will improve her fine motor skills as she designs her own drum set with recycled household objects and art supplies!
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