Play Whistle Hide-and-Seek

What You Need:

  • Whistle for each player

What You Do:

  1. Designate an area inside or outside to play a game of hide-and-seek. Don't let the kids pick; this area should be parent-approved, so it's clear exactly where the boundaries are.
  2. Before beginning the game, give each player a whistle. When all players are ready to go, choose one player to be the seeker and have him count to 50 while the rest of the players hide.
  3. When the seeker blows his whistle, everyone must blow their whistles as well. Instruct the seeker to listen carefully to his friends' whistles, in order to lead him to his hiding companions!
  4. Make this game more challenging by limiting the number of times the seeker can blow his whistle. For another variation, you can also try playing two versions of this game, one with the seeker yelling and the players yelling back at him, and one with whistles. Then, discuss how much clearer one can hear the whistles than the sound of a voice yelling.

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