5th Grade Math Games

Don't get dizzy from math practice! Try these fun and interactive games to help your child review basic math concepts for fifth grade.

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Tic Tac Toe for Three Equations in a Row!

One way to "trick" your child into getting extra practice with one-step equations is to play a variation of the classic game, tic tac toe.
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The Amazing Equation Race

Here's an interactive, fast-paced game that will make your fifth grader feel more comfortable with simple equations.
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Snag a Spoon! A Math Game

In this version of the classic card game, students will gain an understanding of equivalents and may not even realize it's a math review!
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Card Pick Up

Improve critical thinking and logic skills as you compete to win in this fun, educational card game.
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Be a Prime Number Hunter

Wondering how to help your child get a handle on prime numbers? Turn her into a prime number hunter with this hundreds chart activity.
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Probability Dice Game

Check out this dice game perfect for teaching your savvy kid the fundamentals of probability.
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Simplify It!: A Fraction Card Game

Simplify fractions with your child in this fast-paced math card game.
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Percent Flash

Challenge your kid to use his knowledge about percentages in this fun game. Just roll the dice and race to calculate the percentage.
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