3rd Grade Math Games Medley

Back to school math review doesn't have to be a bore. Liven your math fact review with a set of exciting math games fit for your third grader.

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Play Mancala

Help your third grader craft a homemade version of this classic strategy game, using just an old egg carton and a few beads!
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Pyramid Math Card Game

This pyramid card game is a fun way to help your child learn addition and subtraction. Best of all, itâs quick to set up and easy to play.
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Number Maker: A Card Game to Practice Place Value

Here's a super fun game to get in some place value practice with your child!
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Dollar Games: Race to $1.00

Help your child improve his coin counting skills in these two math games that have him race to reach $1.00.
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Guesstimation Game

Calling all power-shoppers! This game is a fun way for kids to learn life skills, and flex their math muscles at the same time.
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Treasure Hunt Game

Turn road trips and plane ridges into an adventure with this Treasure Hunt game for two!
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Practice Hula Hoop Times Tables!

Help your child practice multiplication tables with this mental and physical multitasking game that uses a hula hoop to get into the swing of things.
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