Multiplication Games for Fourth Graders

Bring multiplication off the page with these interactive math games for fourth grade students.

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Play Two-Minute Multiples

This game reinforces the meaning of the term "multiples" and is fast enough to hold the attention of your fourth-grader.
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In the Box

Toss playing cards into boxes while you practice addition and multiplication with decimals in this fun, fourth grade math game.
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A Mathematical Card Trick

Teach your kid a fun mathematical magic trick! All you'll need is a deck of cards and basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.
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Play Domino Deal for Math Review!

In this activity, your child will get a review of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using classic domino pieces.
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Rolling Dice

Ready for a game that's mostly about strategy with a little luck thrown in for good measure? Make math fact practice exciting and start rolling the dice!
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