Pet Care

Here are 8 great activities for teaching your kids about essential pet care practices for the family pet.

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Make an ID Card for your Pet!

People have identification cards, why not pets? Make an ID card for your family pet, a fun activity that also gives your child some writing practice.
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Pet Presents: Quilt a Snuggly Pet Blanket

This pet blanket is a perfect sewing project for your little gifter with a furry friend. Make a pet blanket with your child this holiday season.
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Pet Heating Pad

Make mini heating pads for the special animal in your household or to use the next time you or your child has some aches and pains.
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Write a Pet Sitter Guide

Give your third grader's reading and writing skills a stretch: have her create a Care Manual for your pet the next time your family goes away.
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Make a Butterfly Habitat

Create a habitat for a butterfly right in your own backyard, and build your first grader's science knowledge while you're at it.
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Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats are fun to make and delicious for your household pet. Make homemade dog treats to create personal Christmas gifts for dogs.
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Make a Rolling Dog Toy

This adorable toy is fun to play with and easy to make. Even better, you should be able to find all the materials you need lying around your house.
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How to Make a Cat Toy

Your first grader will love making her favorite feline a chase toy out of old fabric scraps, and she will learn beginning sewing basics while she's at it!
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