Read, Write, and Think

Reading is a great way for your child to learn how other people express their thoughts. Writing is a useful way to practice self-expression. Practice both reading and writing with these activities that are perfect for boosting your little learner's language arts skills.

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Jumping Bean Phonics

This cute game that lets your child practice making words, while acting like a Mexican jumping bean! Great for emerging readers.
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Fairy Tale Dice

Create Fairy Tale Dice and inspire your kindergartener to weave fantastic fairy tales and improve his reading and writing skills while he's at it.
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Pipe Cleaner Letters

Use fun and fuzzy pipe cleaners to help your child learn how to form important letters that make up the words that are the building blocks of phonics.
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'See' the Alphabet with Your Body!

Is your kindergartener learning to write the alphabet correctly? In this "kinesthetic" activity, use movement and art to help your child with letter-writing.
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Make a Word Quilt Collage

In this arts and crafts activity, boost your kindergartener's letter recognition and reading skills by helping her create a paper word quilt.
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Word Detective Game

Got a kid who's learning to read? Looking for a new board game to add to the bunch? With a little help from your child, you can make a game of your own!
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Play with Pasta...and Learn to Write

Pasta makes a good dinner, but it can also be used to teach proper letter formation! In this easy crafts activity, you'll use pasta and glue to form letters.
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Crazy Eights With Word Families!

Help your kindergartener make and play a "Hop On Pop"-inspired card game--a fun way to learn word families!
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