Shape Up for First Grade Math

Puzzles, games, art projects and delicious food: What else could you want? Oh yeah, lots of math concepts for first graders to learn!

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Make a Sweet Symmetry Treat

Help your child practice symmetry with this fun activity that will leave your child with a sweet symmetrical treat!
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Play the Shape Twister Game

This fun shape game is like Twister...with a twist!
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Build a Castle...and Explore First Grade Geometry!

Use reusable, recyclable materials--along with a dose of imagination--to build a castle with first grade geometrical forms.
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Play Snakes and Dots

Practice problem solving skills with your kindergarten or first grade student in this fun connect-the-dots game!
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Ribbon Pattern Weave

Weave a unique ribbon pattern! This fun arts and crafts activity is a great way to make colorful projects and learn basic math and art skills.
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