Sizzling Science Crafts

Get those mad scientist goggles ready! This group of crazy concoctions will cover all the science basics, with style. Explore candy science, soap science and more... Suddenly science never looked so cool!

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Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps

Help your child experiment with the combination of acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath bombs!
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Rock Candy Science

The next time you've got a restless second grade earth scientist on your hands, use this experiment to demonstrate crystals and make a tasty treat, too!
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Build a Balloon Powered Car

This balloon-powered car project is a great way for your kid to learn about energy and how it can be used efficiently.
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Build a Terrarium

Create a mini plant habitat with your kid to help teach him what it takes to make an ecosystem work.
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Experiment with Sudsy Lemon Science

Magic, science, or household cleanser? Let your second grader decide with this practical, nontoxic chemistry experiment with acids and bases.
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Make Edible Amber Fossils

Make edible amber fossils with your second grader to explore the fascinating world of science!
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Marbled Paper

This fun marbled paper craft uses things you're likely to have around your house, and it teaches kids some simple chemistry too!
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Do a Magic Soap Experiment

Your child will do a fun science experiment using soap and pepper flakes to help understand the concepts of water molecules and the surface tension of water.
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Separate Salt and Pepper with Static Electricity

What's the quickest way to separate salt and pepper? Let static electricity do the work! Your child will be fascinated by this simple experiment.
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