Travel the World ... Or Just Pretend

Create the food, art and clothing of various cultures from around the world, past and present.

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Create a Mexican Inspired Yarn Picture

Celebrate Mexican heritage and inspire creativity in your budding artist with this unique arts and crafts activity.
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Bead Rasta Inspired Jewelry

In this simplified activity, your young child can make her own Rasta-style necklace using beads and any type of shell
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Injera Recipe

Try this recipe with your child and explore Ethiopia through one of its dietary staples: injera, or flat bread!
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Koi Windsock

In this activity, kids learn a little about Japanese culture by making their own windsock in the shape of a koi fish.
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Make an Egyptian Sarcophagus

Make ancient Egypt come alive by showing kids how to make their own mini sarcophagus out of a shoe box.
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Make Korean Vegetable Pancakes

Make Korean vegetable pancakes with your child! This dish is delicious way to get your child cooking as you introduce her to recipes from different cultures.
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Create a Postcard From Africa

Let your imagination take flight as you explore the beautiful continent of Africa! Do this fun writing activity with your child to honor Black History Month.
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