Vocabulary Building Activities for Fourth Graders

Get to know some new words with these vocabulary activities for kids. Fourth graders will focus on prefixes and suffixes with these hands-on games and activities.

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Play Vocabulary Bingo!

Looking for a way to make vocab practice a little more engaging? This easy twist on the classic game is a great way to build your child's vocabulary.
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Prefixes and Suffixes

It doesnât take long for flashcard drills about prefixes and suffixes to get old. Turn the learning process into a treasure hunt with this fun activity!
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Make an Illustrated Vocabulary Book!

Here's a great activity to get your child using imagination and artistic skills to create a handmade vocabulary book, complete with illustrations!
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Make a Prefix-Suffix Flip Book

Create a prefix-suffix flip-book and help improve your fourth grader's decoding skills and vocabulary.
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Test Your Vocabulary

Use muffin tins to create a simple, affordable and fun game to help your kid practice his vocabulary!
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