Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics are upon us once again. Watching all of the amazing events can mean a lot of TV time. Instead of letting your kid remain planted on the sofa, try out these activities that will engage your child intellectually without distracting from the action.

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Olympic Writing

Guide your third grader through writing a descriptive paragraph about her favorite sporting event from the Winter Olympic Games.
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Olympics Anagrams

This brain teaser challenges your fifth grader to unscramble some specialized Winter Olympics language.
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If I Were an Olympic Athlete...

Why not have your fifth grader put herself in her favorite athlete's shoes? She'll love learning about an athlete that she admires.
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Olympic Mittens

Guide your middle schooler through a simple sewing activity to make fleece mittens. Now his hands will be kept warm in the chilly winter weather!
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Name That Tune

Show your kid how to put a new spin on an old classic with this fun party game.
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Flags of the World Banner

Spark your child's interest in the Winter Olympics by creating a banner of world flags, and then following each country's activity in the Olympic Games!
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Make an Alpine Skiing Double Bar Graph

Help your 4th grader master the art of reading and analyzing bar graphs while following the Winter Olympics with this fun math activity.
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Olympic Headband

Make a simple construction paper headband to show his Olympic pride in this quick and easy arts and crafts activity.
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