Make a Basket for Moses Activity

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Updated on Apr 1, 2014

No Passover celebration is complete without the story of Moses, which begins when his big sister sends him floating down the Nile in a basket woven from river reeds. Fortunately, construction paper is much easier to work with. This easy craft project boosts counting and fine motor skills all while gaining an appreciation of Jewish culture.

What You Need:

  • Construction paper in two different colors
  • A 5-inch paper plate
  • Glue or rubber cement
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Start by cutting your construction paper. You’ll need 8 strips, each about 12 inches long and three quarters of an inch wide.
  2. Now, arrange the strips, two at a time, so that they form an X. Use glue to secure each X in the center. You should end up making four of these.
  3. Once the glue is dry, arrange the Xs fanned out in a stack so that they look like a star or an asterisk. Keep the spaces between each arm of the shape as even as you can. Use glue to connect all the Xs together. Let dry.
  4. Use your paper plate to trace a circle on a sheet of construction paper. Cut out the circle and glue it carefully in the center of the star shape to make the bottom of your basket. Let dry.
  5. While you're waiting, prepare your weaving strips. You’ll need to cut four strips about 16 inches long and half an inch wide. If you’re using standard-size construction paper, you’ll need to glue two pieces together at the edges to make the size you need.
  6. Once the circle has dried, fold up the long arms of the star from the edge of the circle one by one to make the body of the basket.
  7. Take one of the long strips and use a piece of tape to secure it to the first of the arms and begin weaving over and under all the way around the basket until you reach the tape. Carefully remove the tape and use glue to attach the beginning of the long strand to its end. Hold in place to dry.
  8. Repeat for each of the four long pieces, then let basket dry.