Ball Games

Ball games are tons of fun, and there are so many possibilities! Foam ball, rubber ball, beach ball, tennis ball...we could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Especially if you've got a kinesthetic learner on your hands, hands-on activities that incorporate physical movement can make all the difference in helping your kid learn key skills and master fundamental concepts. Check out our selection of ball games and find a few for your kid today.

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Invite your child and a few friends to get crabby in this game of soccer with a twist: Instead of running, players 'crab crawl' around the playing field.
Ball Games
Fourth Grade
Your family will have a blast getting into the sporty spirit with these Olympics-themed contests. Here's how to get started:
Ball Games
Third Grade
Kids put their geography knowledge to the test in this balloon volley game inspired by the Dr. Seuss book 'Oh the Places You'll Go'.
Ball Games
Fourth Grade
The next time you're trapped indoors on a dreary day, try this take on dodgeball. All you need are a group of kids, an open area and a soft, spongy ball.
Ball Games
Second Grade
Use muffin tins to create a simple, affordable and fun game to help your kid practice his vocabulary!
Ball Games
Fourth Grade
Improve your child's hand-eye coordination with these fun dribbling drills! Before you know it he'll be a ball-handling master.
Ball Games
First Grade

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