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Check out our collection of fun math activities for kids to get your child excited about learning! From easy, hands-on math activities to more advanced, we've got you covered. Use the boxes on the left to narrow your search by grade or filter by specific categories to find the perfect math activity idea for you and your little one.

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Create a fun hands-on game to practice long division, using magnetic numbers on a fridge.
Fourth Grade
This kinesthetic game will help your child practice rounding and get the adrenaline rushing!
Rounding & Estimation
Third Grade
This activity will help your fourth grader tackle those tricky fraction word problems with a hands on method.
Fourth Grade
Here's a hands-on activity you can do with your fourth-grader to practice measurement and directly apply the concept of area.
Fourth Grade
Help your student memorize the vocabulary needed to excel in geometry. This fun Tic-Tac-Toe game focuses on terms used when working with circles.
Fifth Grade
Invite your second grader to help you measure and mix these fresh, cool concoctions!
Second Grade
A lemonade stand is a great opportunity for your kids to work on their money skills and donate some hard earned money to charity.
Fourth Grade
Is your child struggling to remember the rules of place value? Here's a fun series of hands-on activities to help your child put the value in place value!
Fourth Grade
You can try this simple activity with your third grader to get him thinking about the real world math you use everyday.
Here's an activity that will help her figure out the meaning of strange operators by understanding how to use the code key.
Algebra & Functions
High School
Create a graph based on the interests of family member's to see who has what in common. Your child will practice her math skills and get to know the family!
Probability & Data
Third Grade
Does your child need practice grouping things into sets? We say, go for chocolate! These truffles are truly easy to make and add a bit of decadence to math.
This is a great game to help your child learn number concepts in multiplication and division.
Third Grade
For some math concepts, doing the math itself is easy. The hard part is helping your child remember which formula to use for which term!
Probability & Statistics
Middle School

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