No Sew Quilt

What You Need:

  • Muslin, washed, dried, and cut into a square slightly larger than you’d like the finished quilt to be
  • Masking tape
  • Assorted fabric scraps
  • Needles, thread, straight pins
  • Embroidery needle and thread in a bright color
  • Buttons and beads (optional)
  • Fabric for backing, the same size as the muslin square
  • Batting for filling

What You Do:

  1. Use the masking tape to create an even “no-sew zone” around the edges of the muslin square. You’ll need that blank area when you baste the pieces together for the finished quilt.
  2. Arrange the fabric scraps in a pleasing pattern on top of the muslin square, and pin to the cloth. Sew each to the muslin. Messy kid stitches are fine. When the square is complete, go over all the edges of the fabric scraps with embroidery thread. A pro would use formal, highly decorative stitches, but for kid purposes it’s enough to have the color. If desired, add buttons and beads.
  3. If your child is starting to fidget, you can end here. Remove the masking tape, hem the edges, and you’re done. If she’s holding out for a real quilt, lay the fabric backing face down on a table, top with the batting, and top with the quilt square (right side up). Sew all edges together. Voila! A finished quilt, in no time flat.

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