Make a Holiday Scarf

What You Need:

  • Fleece material (¼ of a yard, per scarf)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1.  Take a trip to the local fabric store with your child and have her choose a fleece material for her scarf. Purchase a ¼ of a yard per scarf. The length of the scarf will be the width of the fabric, approximately 60 inches.
  2. Have your child lay material on a flat surface and trim with scissors to make it even on all sides, if necessary.
  3. Next, have your child put the material around her neck to determine how long you want the scarf to be depending on the height of your child and desired length. For example, if your child wants the scarf to end at her waist, knees, etc. 
  4. Have your child cut the scarf to the desired length with scissors.
  5. Then, have your child lay the scarf flat again to begin making the tassels on the ends.
  6. Have your child measure and mark 4 inch slits, ½ inch wide on one end of the scarf with a ruler and pencil. Then repeat on the opposite end.
  7. Then, have your child cut the slits on the pencil marks on both ends to complete the scarf. There should be a total of 18 tassels on each end on the scarf.

You're finished! Now that your child knows how simple and fun it can be, she can make more scarves for friends and family!

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