Paper Football

What You Need:

  • Ruler
  • Three or four pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Four toilet paper rolls or two paper towel rolls, cut into four pieces

What You Do:

  1. Use a ruler to measure out and mark yard lines on your paper football “field”. Use a large piece of paper or several pieces of paper taped together to make a large playing area.
  2. Cut a 4” x 4” paper square to make the folded football. Fold the square into a triangle by creasing from corner to corner. Fold the triangle in half from corner to corner. Fold the left and right triangle points up to the middle point.
  3. Tuck the ends of one side of the diamond into the “pocket” on the other side.
  4. Make “goalposts” out of four empty toilet paper rolls, two paper towel rolls cut in half, or even a friend’s two fingers held apart.
  5. Put the paper football on its side, hold with index finger and flick with thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. Try to score a goal! Have your child tell you how many yards they made on each turn. 

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