Create an Advent Countdown Christmas Tree

What You Need:

  • Green poster board, at least 20 inches wide(or, white if you want to paint it green)
  • Brown poster board, 8.5” x 11” (or, white if you want to paint it brown)
  • Scissors, normal and zigzag
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • 12 pieces of red felt, cut to 1” x 3” each
  • 12 pieces of white felt, cut to 1” x 3” each
  • Green craft foam for little trees
  • Yellow craft foam for star
  • Silver and gold sequins
  • Silver and gold metallic pom-poms
  • Metallic glitter for star
  • Hole-punch
  • Red ribbon for hanging
  • Black permanent marker
  • Velcro dots
  • Small plate to help create a cone
  • Green and brown tempera paint (optional)
  • Paintbrushes (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Help your child cut a triangle shape out of the green poster board. Then cut a wide rectangle out of the brown poster board for the trunk of the tree. Glue the green triangle on the top edge of the brown rectangle to create the entire advent tree base.
  2. Draw a star on the yellow foam and cut it out using zigzag scissors. Hole punch the center of the star and loop the red ribbon through the star. Knot the two edges of the ribbon together so the finished calendar can be hung. Glue the star to the top of the tree.
  3. Set the red and white felt shapes in front of you, placed vertically. Glue the left and right edges of one piece and fold the felt in half vertically, leaving the top edge unglued. These will be the candy pouches on the advent tree. Repeat this action for all 24 pieces of red and white felt. Allow them to dry. (Tip: place a book on top of them as they dry to hold them in position.)
  4. Draw a pattern for a small tree, a triangle with a small rectangle base, to cut out from the green foam. The trees should fit on top of a folded felt pouch, no larger than 1 inch tall. Trace 24 patterns onto the foam and carefully cut each one out.
  5. Glue a small tree in the center of each felt pocket.
  6. Lay the felt pouches in place on the larger tree, making sure they all fit on the tree.
  7. Turn over one pouch at a time and glue a Velcro dot, one half to the back of the felt pocket and the other half to where it sits on the tree. Let dry.
  8. Velcro all 25 of the pockets in place.
  9. Use a permanent black marker to number each pocket up to 25.
  10. Invite your child to help you decorate all of the felt pouches with sequins.
  11. Have your child decorate the yellow star with gold and silver glitter. Help her glue the metallic pom-poms on top of the glitter.

When it’s all dry and ready to display, fill your advent calendar with tiny sweet treats to make each passing day its own celebration!

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