Autumn Symbols Drawing Game

What You Need:

  • Posterboard
  • Ruler
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Dictionary

What You Do:

  1. Using the marker and the ruler, help your child draw a grid on top of the poster board that divides it into 10 different sections.
  2. Then take over duties and, using the marker, write the following sentences across the top of each compartment. Only write one sentence in each section, making sure to leave a lot of empty space below each sentence:
    • Can you draw a turkey?
    • Can you draw a rake?
    • Can you draw a pumpkin?
    • Can you draw a leaf?
    • Can you draw a cornucopia?
    • Can you draw a cornstalk?
    • Can you draw a leafless tree?
    • Can you draw a scarecrow?
    • Can you draw a hay bale?
    • Can you draw a gourd? 
  3. To play the game, your child must begin by reading the sentence in the first compartment aloud.
  4. Next, they'll need to figure out what the sentence is asking your child to draw. Have your child use a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words.
  5. Then, using the pencil, your child should draw whatever the sentence is asking in the available space. (For example, if your child is in the "Can you draw a turkey?" box, they should try and draw a turkey.)
  6. Have your child keep playing until they successfully make it through each box. 

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