Shell Planter

What You Need:

  • Conch shell (or any larger shell with an open mouth)
  • Small bag of sand
  • Colorful flowers
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. If you have access to a beach, try collecting various shells along the shoreline. If not, visit your local arts and craft store (or you can purchase online.) When looking at the different types, make it a point to name each shell. Is it a sea or land shell?
  2. At the same arts and craft store, purchase a small bag of sand or if you prefer, soil.
  3. Visit your local florist or have your child pick his favorite color flowers from the yard.
  4. When you get home, have your child fill the open end of the shell up to the very top with sand. Be sure it’s tightly packed in.
  5. An adult should take each selected flower and clip the ends with a large pair of scissors.
  6. Once clipped, have your child place the flowers of his choice in the compacted sand. Have him arrange the flowers any way he chooses.

Have your child place the decorated shell on the kitchen so the entire family can appreciate the beautiful piece of artwork!

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