Create a Home Challenge Course

What You Need:

  • Index cards or blank paper
  • Markers


What You Do: 

  1. Get out 5–10 notecards (or small pieces of paper).
  2. On each card, write one of the following:
    • hop and share (name as many countries as you can)
    • sit-up
    • plank
    • reach up to the sky and down to your toes
    • balance on one foot
    • run in place
    • stretch
    • drink water
    • wall sit
  3. Feel free to make changes to the list or add some of your own!
  4. Place the cards in a stack, and explain to your child that they will be choosing one card at a time and completing the activity for the duration of a one-minute timer. 
  5. Set the timer for one minute and begin!
  6. Support your child as needed (such as modeling how to do a modified push-up or sit-up).
  7. Create a second set of challenges for your child to accomplish, this time focusing on different parts of the body (stretching muscles, gross motor movements, etc.) or using a different amount of time. You can even get the whole family involved for a friendly competition, or set up a circuit where each person performs a different activity and rotates around the circuit until everyone has completed each challenge!

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