Make a Father's Day Crown

What You Need:

  • 1 12”x18” sheet of craft foam in Dad’s favorite color
  • Package of flat glue on (or stick-on, if you can find them) colored “jewels”
  • Squeeze bottle of “glitter” craft paint—the kind with a thin tip so that you can squeeze/write words
  • Scissors and sturdy craft glue

What You Do:

  1. Using a ruler to mark straight cutting lines, cut your craft foam in half lengthwise, to make two sheets 6”x18” in size.  Have your child use the craft glue to join the two pieces along the 6” border, so that you have one very long 36” sheet.
  2. Have your child make crown “zigzag” marks in pencil, about 3” tall, across each piece, and then cut them, like this:
  3. Help your child estimate the size of Dad’s head. (To keep this project a surprise, you can try sneaking up on Dad while he’s sleeping, but another tried and true method is to pull out a hat that fits him, and work from there.) Cut the crown to size, leaving about 1” extra for overlap once you glue it together.
  4. Your crown base is now ready for the best part: decoration! Lay the cut foam on a flat, protected table surface, and help your child outline letters on the center front: #1 DAD. Then your child can squeeze glitter paint over the penciled lines. Be sure to give the letters a few minutes to dry—smudging can be a problem!
  5. All around Dad’s name, and on the crown points, encourage your child to decorate with the crown with jewels. If your child is feeling shy about this, feel free to look up information about real kings. Their crowns were often a giant mass of dense gems!
  6. This year at Father’s Day brunch, let Dad know how much you love him by crowning him for the day. 

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