Make a Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Crown

What You Need:

  • 5 sparkly pipe cleaners

What You Do:

  1. First, have your child lay two pipe cleaners side by side, with the ends overlapping slightly.
  2. Next, wrap and wind those ends until they are completely entwined to create one very long pipe cleaner.
  3. Have her continue to add the rest of the pipe cleaners, overlapping ends and wrapping them together, creating one long pipe cleaner chain.
  4. Working from left to right, begin to bend loops into the pipe cleaner chain, leaving the first five inches as a straight section, which will be interwoven with the tail end after all loops have been completed.
  5. Help your child gently bend a loop, then give it a twist before moving onto the next loop.
  6. Help her continue creating loops of equal size and spaced evenly apart until there are 8 or 9 loops.
  7. Place the tiara on her head and wrap the long end around to size the crown properly.
  8. Wind the two ends together to complete the crown.

Who ever knew pipe cleaners could look so glamorous? Becoming an instant diva or princess is simply a matter of a few quick twists of the wrist.

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