Leaf Crown

What You Need:

  • Collection of colorful maple leaves
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Have your child collect a bunch of colorful maple leaves. Encourage them to find solid leaves without holes and ones that aren't too dry or brittle.
  2. Set aside your child's favorite leaf for last.
  3. Have your child cut off just the tips of the stems from the leaves. This will leave a pointy stem, which is useful for "stitching" the leaves together!
  4. Ask your child to fold one leaf vertically in half.
  5. While holding the folded leaf, have them use the stem of the next leaf and weave it in and out, threading it through the folded edge of the first leaf.
  6. Fold the second leaf and slide it so it's overlapped under the first leaf.
  7. Repeat threading the third leaf, and so on until the leaf wreath is the perfect size to fit your child's head.
  8. Connect the two ends the same way, by weaving the stem, to finish the wreath.
  9. Have your child slide their favorite leaf to the front of the crown. Now it's ready to wear!

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