Make "Elf Tickets" for Holiday Giving

What You Need:

  • Cardstock in a festive color
  • Photograph of your child
  • Elf Ticket Template (make your own with a to and from space)
  • Scrap paper, pencil for brainstorming ideas
  • Pen (especially in a bright, festive color, like metallic gold!)
  • Stapler 

What You Do:

  1. Explain to your child that this will be a special gift for a beloved friend, teacher or relative. Sometimes we buy our presents and sometimes we make special objects; this time, your child will give an especially precious gift of time, attention, and love. She’ll be a helpful “elf” several times over!
  2. Start with your scrap paper and pencil, Select the person who will receive these “elf” tickets. Then pull out your scrap paper and pencil, and brainstorm together about special favors, chores, or special adventures you might offer together. Does your child like to read aloud? Grandmas often adore that. Would Dad really appreciate if you’d help him rake the yard? Think it over and enjoy the possibilities.
  3. Print your elf ticket templates onto a festive color of cardstock paper. You may print as many as you like, but usually 5 or 6 is plenty!  Cut them out and have your child complete them.
  4. To make a “ticket book,” use a blank piece of cardstock.  Glue your child’s picture to the cover, and fill in the blank lines. In the “because” section, make sure your child writes why this person is so special.
  5. Staple your book together and give as a special holiday gift!

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