Felt Egg

What You Need:

  • White and yellow felt
  • Matching embroidery floss and needle
  • Stuffing or cotton balls

What You Do:

  1. Help your child trace a rough, squat figure-8 shape onto a piece of scratch paper, with one end of the shape being smaller than the other. This is meant to emulate the true shape of a fried egg – uneven and runny! If drawing the shape freehand is too hard for your child, she can also make a perfectly round shape for sunny-side up eggs.
  2. Give her a pair of scissors to cut two layers out of white felt for each side of the egg. Next, she can cut a 2-inch wide circle out of yellow felt for the yolk.
  3. Have her stitch the yellow circle to the top of one white layer. If she likes, she can stuff a small piece of filling or a cotton ball underneath the yellow circle before closing the stitch to make it 3-D.
  4. With the egg yolk on top, have her sew the two white pieces together. She can stitch by hand, or run it through a machine for better precision.
  5. Put it on a plate and add a dollop of “ketchup” (red felt) for a full breakfast!

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