Felt Food Taco

What You Need:

  • Tan felt for the taco shell, red for tomato, green for lettuce, yellow for cheese, black felt for olive slices, etc.
  • Tan embroidery floss + needle
  • Stuffing, batting or cotton balls

What You Do:

  1. First, have your child cut two circles of tan felt (it’s best to trace around a plate or the bottom of a large bowl for this.) Have her sew the edges together with matching thread to make the taco shell.
  2. To hold the taco folded together, check where you normally pinch a taco in your fingers to pick it up. Add a small snap or piece of Velcro to the insides of the taco in this area.
  3. Next, it’s time to add the ingredients! Let her cut squiggles of yellow felt to make shredded cheese, and squiggles of green felt to make lettuce. She can also cut small pieces of red felt to make chopped tomato. Let her make as many ingredients as she likes.
  4. Set up a taco bar in her play kitchen – it’s a fun addition to any play room, and 100% less messy than the real thing! 

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