German Potato Salad

What You Need:

  • 4 c diced and boiled small red potatoes
  • 2/3 c apple cider vinegar
  • 1/3 c vegetable oil
  • ¼ c sugar
  • 2/3 c seedy mustard
  • 1 green onion chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Stockpot
  • Paring knife
  • Strainer
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Plastic wrap


What You Do:

  1. Invite your child to fill a stockpot with water three-fourths of the way full and then bring to a boil over high heat.
  2. Offer your child a paring knife and encourage him to carefully cut the potatoes into quarters, measuring until he has a total of 4 cups.
  3. Now he can carefully add the potatoes to the boiling water and let simmer until they are fork tender, which means when a fork is poked in the potato, it easily goes into the potato.
  4. While the potatoes are boiling, he can create the tangy German dressing. Invite him to measure and add to a mixing bowl the apple cider vinegar, oil, sugar, and mustard to a bowl. He can use a whisk to mix the dressing thoroughly.
  5. Once the potatoes are ready, he can carefully drain and then add the hot potatoes to the dressing and let come to room temperature.
  6. While he’s waiting, he can carefully dice the green onion using the pairing knife and then add to the German potato salad, giving a quick stir.
  7. Now he can cover the potato salad and pop it in the fridge to cool.


Did You Know:

German potato salad is traditionally served hot? Your child can do a tasting experiment to determine which way the potato salad tastes best – hot or cold!

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