Healthy Apples

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Show your child a basket of apples, some rotting and some vibrant and healthy.
  2. Ask, "What do you think will happen if I leave the healthy apples in the basket too long with the unhealthy apples?"
  3. Ask, "What would happen if I took the healthy apples out?"
  4. Explain that if you leave the apples in with the old apples, the healthy ones will decompose more quickly.
  5. Ask your child, "How do you think this connects to the friends we surround ourselves with?"
  6. Ask, "What is a good friend?"
  7. Write down the traits on a piece of paper with your child. Build on your child's answers and share some of your own thoughts about the traits a good friend needs.
  8. Ask, "Why is it important to have good friends?"
  9. Ask, "How can we be good friends?"
  10. Explain that they will be creating a Want Ad for a Friend, including all of the characteristics you brainstormed together.
  11. Review the Want Ad for a Friend worksheet and create one along with your child.

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