Healthy Friendships

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask your child, "What makes a good friend?"
  2. Show the video "Kids Talk About: Friends."
  3. Ask, "What stood out for you in the video?"
  4. Ask, "In what ways are you a good friend to others?"
  5. Ask, "What can we do if we have a friend that is unkind or mean?"
  6. Explain that it is helpful to be clear in what makes a good friend so that you can be sure to surround yourself with people that have those qualities, and also so that you can know how you can be a good friend to others.
  7. Explain that today your child will be making a craft that highlights words and phrases connected to healthy friendships and being a good friend.
  8. Review the Friends at Heart worksheet and work with your child to create a "Friends at Heart "painting.

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