Leprechaun Hat Pin Cushion

What You Need:

  • Small glass jar with lid
  • Green, yellow, and black felt
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Fiberfill
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Gold coins, coin chocolates, or gold buttons

What You Do:

  1. Have your child cut a circle out of green felt. In this example, it is about 4-3/4 inches around.
  2. With a needle and thread, help her sew around the edge of the felt, leaving a border of about 1/4-inch.

  1. Pull the thread tight, bunching the felt to create a pouch. Encourage her to stuff the pouch with an ample amount of fiberfill, so that the felt feels taut. Help her to again pull the thread tightly, and tie it off with a few knots. This structure will form the pin cushion.

  1. Glue the pincushion to the top of the jar lid using a hot glue gun.
  2. Now for the hat! Cut a green strip that is long enough to cover the jar lid. It should be almost as tall as the fiberfill pouch.
  3. Ask her to cut a thin black strip of felt for the trim. It should be the same length as the green strip.
  4. Have her draw a hollowed-out square on a piece of yellow felt, and cut it out.
  5. Glue the black and yellow pieces onto the green strip with craft glue, as shown in the picture.

  1. Finally, invite her to create the "pot of gold" by filling the glass jar with gold trinkets and chocolate coins.

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