Shamrock Pin

What You Need:

  • Larger safety pin
  • Smaller safety pin
  • Green beads
  • Colored beads (for rainbow pattern)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Green clover (or cut-out paper shamrocks)
  • Pliers
  • Small hole punch
  • Scissors

What to Do:

  1. Have him cut two squares of contact paper that are about 2”x 2”. He can peel the backing off of one piece and lay the clover onto it, pressing it flat.
  2. Help him peel the backing from the other piece of contact paper and stick it to the piece with the clover on it, sandwiching it between the two layers. Press down firmly to avoid any air bubbles.
  3. Ask him to trim the excess contact paper around the clover and punch a hole near the top.
  4. Open the small safety pin, and have him string the shamrock “charm” he just made onto it. Use the colored beads to fill up the rest of the pin in a rainbow pattern. When it’s full, close it.
  5. Using the pliers, unbend the coil on the large safety pin. This will allow him to put the beads all the way onto the pin and still be able to attach it to an article of clothing.
  6. Fill it halfway with the green beads, and then thread on the smaller safety pin with the shamrock charm. After he fills it the rest of the way with green beads, his pin will be complete!

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